Will Smith's Stick is Forecast to Not Be Enough to Pull the Home Favorite Dodgers Over the Diamondbacks

Sat, Aug 10, 2019 | Emma Botos


Ketel Marte of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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August 10, 2019 -- The Dodgers change of losing to the Diamondbacks is 62.72% based on our model.

The hosting Dodgers have Kenta Maeda in the rotation against the Diamondbacks's pitcher Alex Young. Our model forecasts the Dodgers pitcher will have an outing for 6.850 innings, allowing 2.126 earned runs, with a 2.776 walks. The Diamondbacks's Alex Young is predicted to throw for 7.256 innings, allowing 1.449 earned runs, with 5.960 Ks.

Expected in today's lineup will be top sluggers Will Smith and Ketel Marte from Dodgers and Diamondbacks, respectively. The Dodgers's Will Smith is estimated to score 0.449 runs, 0.455 RBIs and have a 0.259 OBP. Based on the Snoozle MLB model, Ketel Marte is predicted to bat for 0.278 with 0.523 RBIs and 0.584 runs scored.

With +165 money line odds and a estimated 62.72% likelihood to win, the best value is on the Diamondbacks over the Diamondbacks. With a predicted 68.62% likelihood and -110 odds at 8.5 runs, the under line is the best value.

Posted at Sat, August 10, 2019 13:04:21 UTC