About Us The Sports Analytics Funmakers!

Snoozle Sports is founded as your one stop site for all your sports analytics needs. The vision for this site to give you a comprehensive suite of statistics, visualization and analytics tools. This site will include learning tools andprovide the latest analysis from all the leagues.

Greg Wagner Image

Gregory Wagner Co-Founder - Algorithm and Software Development

Greg is a software engineer. Earned a PhD in computer science from Texas Tech University. He works in the aerospace industry doing pattern recognition algorithm development. He teaches at Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. You can follow him on Twitter @gmwagner

Josie Wagnerr

Josie Wagner Co-Founder - Marketing and Business Development

Josie has a broadcasting and marketing background. She earned a BA in Communications from the University of Arizona. In addition to running Snoozle, she owns and operates a jewelry and art gallery in Tucson, Desert Rose Designs

Lady C. Wagner

Lady C. Wagner Chief Security Officer

Lady is the inspiration for this site's title. She enjoys chasing balls and lizards.