Visiting Royals Hurler Mike Montgomery Predicted Loser Against Twins

Thu, Sep 19, 2019 | Emma Botos


Cubs at Orioles 7/14/17
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September 19, 2019 -- The Royals predicted with a 68.95% chance to chalk up a road loss against the Twins based on the Snoozle Sports model

Likely visiting starter Mike Montgomery will will duel it out with the Twins probable starter Kyle Gibson. The Royals's Mike Montgomery is predicted to throw for 6.101 innings, allowing 3.615 earned runs, with 5.805 Ks. The Twins starting hurler is predicted to throw for 21.747 outs, allow 2.451 earned runs, and a 0.014 probability of a complete game.

Jorge Soler, Royals's top hitter, will slug it out on the road against Jonathan Schoop in today's game. Jorge Soler RF is forecast to bring in 0.755 RBIs and 0.672 runs scored, with an 0.342 OBP and 1.222 Ks. Jonathan Schoop is forecast to bat for 0.294 with 0.805 RBIs and 0.762 runs scored.

There is no best value for Royals +220 at Twins -263 matchup based on our model's game predictions. According to prediction model the 54.04% over estimate and -102 line odds for 10.5 runs, the over line is the best value.

Posted at Thu, September 19, 2019 13:03:27 UTC