Tommy Edman's Cardinals at Home Beat the Nationals, 4-2

Tue, Sep 17, 2019 | Emma Botos


Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals fields a fly ball during a 2019 game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.
David B. King: Flickr, Blogspot License

September 16, 2019 -- The Cardinals take the home win over the Nationals, 4 to 2.

Slugger Tommy Edman's leadership helped the Cardinals against Nationals. He had a 0.320 OBP with 4 at bats. Leading the team in slugging for the season, Tommy Edman had a 0.466 slugging percentage. He gave up 0 Ks in the game. The Cardinals hitter had 0 RBI and scored 0 runs in the home outing.

Slugger Juan Soto could not achieve the Nationals road win over the Cardinals's pitching. Leading the team in slugging for the season, Juan Soto had a 0.572 slugging percentage. At the plate, he had 0 strikeouts. Juan Soto had a 0.405 OBP with 3 at bats.

Posted at Tue, September 17, 2019 03:32:33 UTC