The Visiting Patriots's Offense is Expected to Not Be Enough to Pull Over the Chiefs

Sat, Oct 3, 2020 | Rob Otto


2020-10-04 -- Based on the Snoozle montecarlo football model, the Patriots are likely to fail on the road with a 70.6% chance of being correct against the Chiefs.

The Snoozle model forecast the Patriots to score 18.5 points on the road. The Patriots are forecast to pass for 1.1 touchdown on 28.8 pass attempts with 16.5 competitions for 177.9 yards, and a predicted 0.5 interceptions. The Patriots are estimated from the model to rush for 1.0 touchdowns against Chiefs with 28.5 rush attempts for 171.7 yards.

At home, the Chiefs are forecast to score 30.2 points. The Chiefs are estimated from the model to throw for 367.0 yards on 45.0 attempts for 31.8 competitions. In the game, the team is predicted to throw 2.5 touchdowns and 1.4 interceptions. The Chiefs are predicted from the model to run for 1.2 touchdowns against Patriots with 30.7 rush attempts for 178.1 yards.

For this game Chiefs are the best value on the against the spread bets with a forecasted 58.0% chance to beat a -7.0 spread. According to prediction model the 64.8% over estimate and -110 line odds for 53.0 runs, the over line is the best value.

Posted at Sat, October 3, 2020 13:08:09 UTC