Teddy Bridgewater's Arm is Not Enough to Pull the Bears Over the Saints, 25-36

Sat, Oct 26, 2019 | Rob Otto


2019-10-20 -- Despite valiant effort from Tarik Cohen on the field, the Bears could not beat the Saints.

With Latavius Murray from the backfield, the Saints scored 36 points on the road. Teddy Bridgewater tossed for 23 competitions on 38 attempts against the Bears with 0 interceptions for a total of 281 yards and 2 passing touchdowns. Michael Thomas caught for 0 touchdowns against the Bears secondary on 9 attempts for 131 yards. Latavius Murray rushed on 27 attempts against the Bears with a total of 119 yards and 2 running touchdowns. The Saints rushed against Bears with 35 rush attempts for 151 yards. The Saints went 7 for 15 on converting third downs.

With Tarik Cohen from the backfield, the Bears scored 25 points at home. Mitchell Trubisky threw for 251 yards on 54 attempts for 34 competitions; in the game, the quarterback tossed for 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Allen Robinson caught for 87 yards on 10 receptions with 1 touchdown. Tarik Cohen rushed for 0 touchdowns against the Saints defense on 3 attempts for 10 yards. The Bears rushed for a total of 17 yards on 7 attempts. The Bears went 2 for 12 on converting third downs.

Posted at Sat, October 26, 2019 08:42:56 MST