Stevie Scott's Rushing is Not Enough to Pull Indiana Over Michigan, 14-39

Tue, Nov 26, 2019 | Consuelo Machina


2019-11-23 -- Indiana stumble sagainst the visiting Michigan in a 14-39 loss.

Grinding it out with Tru Wilson at runningback, Michigan scored 39 points on the road. Shea Patterson threw for 366 yards on 32 attempts for 20 competitions. Against Indiana, the quarterback threw 5 touchdowns and 1 interception. Nico Collins caught for 3 touchdowns against Indiana with 6 catches for 165 yards. Tru Wilson rushed for 0 touchdowns against Indiana with 3 rush attempts for 5 yards. Michigan ran for on 29 attempts against Indiana with a total of 87 yards. The visiting team gave up a total of 49 yards on 6 penalties.

With Stevie Scott from the backfield, Indiana scored 14 points at home. Peyton Ramsey threw for 217 yards on 29 attempts for 17 competitions; in the game, the quarterback tossed for 0 touchdowns and 1 interception. Peyton Hendershot caught for 0 touchdowns against Michigan with 6 receptions for 62 yards. Stevie Scott ran on 13 attempts against Michigan with a total of 54 yards and 1 rushing touchdown. Indiana rushed for a total of 97 yards on 37 attempts. Indiana had 2 turnovers with 1 fumbles lost and 1 interception.

Posted at Tue, November 26, 2019 20:08:29 MST