Scotty Miller Comes Out Victorious in a Buccaneers at Panthers Matchup, 46-23

Sun, Nov 15, 2020 | Rob Otto


Josh Adams
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2020-11-15 -- The Buccaneers over perform on the road against the Panthers with a 46-23 win.

With Chris Godwin leading in receptions, the Buccaneers racked up 46 points against the home team. Scotty Miller threw for 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions against the Panthers defense with 0 competitions on 0 attempts for 0 yards. Chris Godwin caught for 92 yards on 6 receptions with 0 touchdowns. Ronald Jones rushed for 1 touchdown against the Panthers with 23 rush attempts for 192 yards. The Buccaneers rushed against Panthers with 37 rush attempts for 210 yards. The Buccaneers went 10 for 16 on converting third downs.

With DJ Moore leading in receptions, the Panthers racked up 23 points at home. Alex Armah threw for 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions on 0 pass attempts with 0 competitions for 0 yards. DJ Moore caught for 96 yards on 4 receptions with 1 touchdown. Mike Davis rushed for 32 yards on 7 attempts with 0 rushing touchdowns. The Panthers ran on a total 16 attempts against the Buccaneers with a total of 65 yards. The home team gave up a total of 40 yards on 5 penalties.

Posted at Sun, November 15, 2020 21:31:17 UTC