Red Sox Forecasted to Lose at Home to Rays Despite Rafael Devers's Effort

Sun, Sep 22, 2019 | Emma Botos


Nathan Eovaldi
Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA License

September 22, 2019 -- According to the Snoozle model, the visiting Red Sox have a 77.21% chance to lose to the home town Rays.

The Red Sox have Nathan Eovaldi as the probable starting pitcher against Ryan Yarbrough. The Red Sox starting pitcher is forecasted by our model to throw for 20.128 outs, allow 3.408 earned runs, and a 0.003 probability of a complete game. Our model forecasts the Rays pitcher will have an outing for 7.168 innings, allowing 1.699 earned runs, with a 2.290 walks.

Rafael Devers, Red Sox's top hitter, will slug it out on the road against Travis d'Arnaud in today's game. According to our game model, Rafael Devers is estimated to have 0.414 RBIs and score 0.406 runs over an estimated 4.131 at-bats. Travis d'Arnaud is forecast to bat for 0.284 with 1.164 RBIs and 0.772 runs scored.

Based on the -176 odds and an estimated 77.21% chance to win, the Rays are the best value for the money line. According to prediction model the 55.98% over estimate and -116 line odds for 8.5 runs, the over line is the best value.

Posted at Sun, September 22, 2019 13:05:38 UTC