Ravens with a Forecasted Win Over the Patriots

Sat, Nov 14, 2020 | Rob Otto


2020-11-16 -- The visiting Ravens has an estimated 51.3% chance to overcome the Patriots based on our football model.

Based on the montecarlo model, the Ravens have an average of 22.1 points for the game. The Ravens are forecast to pass for 1.6 touchdowns on 37.0 pass attempts with 21.9 competitions for 263.3 yards, and a predicted 1.4 interceptions. Our model forecasts the Ravens will rush for 0.9 touchdowns against the Patriots defense on 28.4 attempts for a projected 163.3 yards.

In their hometown, the Patriots are forecast to score 20.5 points. Our model forecasts the Patriots will pass for 1.1 touchdown and 0.2 interceptions against the Ravens defense on a projected 18.3 competitions with 30.0 attempts for 187.5 passing yards. The Patriots are forecast to rush for 201.9 yards on 32.0 attempts with an estimated 1.2 rushing touchdowns.

According to the odds and a forecasted 59.3% chance to beat the +7.0 point spread, the Patriots are the best value. According to prediction model the 75.5% over estimate and -110 line odds for 43.5 runs, the over line is the best value.

Posted at Sat, November 14, 2020 13:04:15 UTC