Phillip Ervin's Stick is Not Enough to Pull the Reds Over the Diamondbacks, 0-2

Sat, Sep 7, 2019 | Emma Botos


Phillip Ervin
Hayden Schiff from Cincinnati, USA License

September 7, 2019 -- Despite valiant effort from Phillip Ervin at the plate, the Reds could not beat the Diamondbacks.

Slugger Phillip Ervin could not pull out the Reds home win over the Diamondbacks's pitching. At the plate, the slugger had 0 strikeouts. He had a 0.345 OBP with 4 at bats. The Reds hitter had 0 RBI and scored 0 runs in the home outing. Leading the team in slugging for the season, Phillip Ervin had a 0.497 slugging percentage. He had a game batting average of 0.282.

Slugger Eduardo Escobar offense on the road helped the Diamondbacks over the Reds's pitching. With 4 at bats, Eduardo Escobar had a 0.323 OBP. At the plate, he had 0 strikeouts. The Diamondbacks hitter had 0 RBI and scored 0 runs on the road.

Posted at Sat, September 7, 2019 23:32:18 UTC