Panthers Quarterback Kyle Allen Effort Not Enough Against Redskins, 21-29

Mon, Dec 2, 2019 | Rob Otto


Adrian Peterson
Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA License

2019-12-01 -- Despite valiant effort from Christian McCaffrey on the field, the Panthers could not beat the Redskins.

Led by Dwayne Haskins calling plays, the Redskins scored 29 points as visitors. Dwayne Haskins threw for 147 yards on 25 attempts for 13 competitions. Against the Panthers, the quarterback threw 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Jeremy Sprinkle had 2 receptions against the Panthers with a total of 36 yards and 0 touchdowns. Adrian Peterson rushed for 1 touchdown against the Panthers with 13 rush attempts for 99 yards. The Redskins ran for on 30 attempts against the Panthers with a total of 248 yards. The visiting team gave up a total of 65 yards on 6 penalties.

In their hometown, the Panthers scored 21 points with Christian McCaffrey leading the rushing out of the backfield. Panthers quarterback, Kyle Allen, threw 27 competitions on 46 attempts against the Redskins with 1 interception for a total of 278 yards and 2 passing touchdowns. DJ Moore had 6 receptions against the Redskins with a total of 75 yards and 1 touchdown. Christian McCaffrey rushed for 0 touchdowns against the Redskins defense on 14 attempts for 44 yards. The Panthers ran for a total of 65 yards as a team against the Redskins with 20 rush attempts. The Panthers went 5 for 16 on converting third downs.

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