Padres Hurler Cal Quantrill Forecasted Loser at Home Against Diamondbacks

Sat, Sep 21, 2019 | Emma Botos


Luke Weaver
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September 21, 2019 -- The Padres have a 65.93% likelihood to fall to the Diamondbacks with a based on our model.

On the mound for the Padres will be Cal Quantrill paired against Luke Weaver. The Padres starting hurler is predicted to throw for 21.629 outs, allow 2.412 earned runs, and a 0.010 probability of a complete game. Luke Weaver is estimated to have 1.764 earned runs, 22.815 outs, and 6.305 strike outs.

Hitters Eric Hosmer from the Padres and Wilmer Flores from the Diamondbacks will lead the offense for their teams. The Padres's Eric Hosmer 1B is estimated to score 0.335 runs, 0.424 RBIs and have a 0.274 OBP. The Diamondbacks's Wilmer Flores from the plate is forecast to score 0.504 runs, 0.594 RBIs and have a 0.349 OBP.

With -132 money line odds and a estimated 65.93% likelihood to win, the best value is on the Diamondbacks over the Padres. For this game, the under is the best value; the model predicted a 61.33% over estimate and -106 line odds for 8.0 runs.

Posted at Sat, September 21, 2019 14:10:28 MST