Odds Favorite San Jose State Predicted Loser at Home Against New Mexico

Tue, Oct 1, 2019 | Consuelo Machina


2019-10-04 -- Based on the Snoozle montecarlo model, San Jose State is predicted with a 56.2% to lose at home against New Mexico.

In their hometown, San Jose State is forecast to score 21.7 points. San Jose State is expected to throw for 1.6 touchdowns with 45.1 pass attempts with 22.0 competitions for 315.8 yards, and an estimated 0.9 interceptions. San Jose State is predicted from the model to run for 0.8 touchdowns against New Mexico with 34.3 rush attempts for 153.8 yards.

The Snoozle model forecast New Mexico to score 25.0 points on the road. Our model forecasts New Mexico will pass for 1.4 touchdowns and 2.3 interceptions against the San Jose State defense on a forecasted 15.4 competitions with 35.2 attempts for 229.4 yards. New Mexico is estimated from the model to rush for 1.3 touchdowns against San Jose State with 39.4 rush attempts for 215.9 yards.

An estimated 73.2% likelihood to beat a +7.0 point spread, the best value is on New Mexico in their matchup against San Jose State. For this game, the under is the best value; the model predicted a 76.7% over estimate and -110 line odds for 66.5 runs.

Posted at Tue, October 1, 2019 13:01:15 UTC