Notre Dame Expected Loser at Home Against FSU

Sat, Oct 10, 2020 | Consuelo Machina


2020-10-10 -- Based on the Snoozle prediction model, Notre Dame has a 64.6% take a home loss against FSU.

Notre Dame is estimated to score 23.9 points at home. Notre Dame is expected to throw for 1.8 touchdowns with 34.6 pass attempts with 16.7 competitions for 302.6 yards, and an estimated 3.1 interception. The model estimates Notre Dame will run on 40.5 attempts against FSU with an estimated total of 183.2 yards and 0.9 rushing touchdowns.

Based on the montecarlo model, FSU has an average of 31.1 points for the game. FSU is forecast to pass for 2.7 touchdowns on 44.8 pass attempts with 30.7 competitions for 455.3 yards, and a predicted 3.2 interceptions. FSU is predicted to run for 177.8 yards on 44.5 attempts with an estimated 1.0 touchdowns.

For this game, FSU is the best value against the spread bets with on a predicted 64.6% probability to beat the +21.0 point spread. Based on the prediction model's over 73.9% likelihood and -110 odds, the over line with 54.0 runs is the best value.

Posted at Sat, October 10, 2020 13:00:44 UTC