Kansas's Carter Stanley Effort Not Enough Against Oklahoma, 20-45

Sat, Oct 5, 2019 | Consuelo Machina


2019-10-05 -- Despite valiant effort from Pooka Williams Jr. on the field, Kansas could not beat Oklahoma.

Oklahoma racked up 45 points on the opponent's turf against Kansas. Nick Basquine threw for 0 yards on 0 attempts for 0 competitions. Against Kansas, the quarterback threw 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Brayden Willis caught for 0 touchdowns against Kansas secondary on 2 attempts for 38 yards. Trey Sermon ran for 71 yards on 11 attempts with 1 touchdown. Oklahoma ran for on 37 attempts against Kansas with a total of 268 yards. The visiting team gave up a total of 89 yards on 8 penalties.

With Stephon Robinson leading in receptions, Kansas racked up 20 points at home. Kansas quarterback, Carter Stanley, threw 0 competitions on 0 attempts against Oklahoma with 0 interceptions for a total of 0 yards and 0 passing touchdowns. Stephon Robinson caught for 2 touchdowns against Oklahoma with 5 receptions for 131 yards. Pooka Williams Jr. rushed for 137 yards on 23 attempts with 0 rushing touchdowns. Kansas rushed for a total of 130 yards on 32 attempts. The home team gave up a total of 82 yards on 9 penalties.

Posted at Sat, October 5, 2019 20:31:28 UTC