Juan Soto's Stick is Not Enough to Pull the Nationals Over the Braves, 0-5

Sat, Sep 14, 2019 | Emma Botos


Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals fields a fly ball during a 2019 game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.
David B. King: Flickr, Blogspot License

September 13, 2019 -- The Nationals destroyed at home against the Braves, 0 to 5.

In the loss at home, Juan Soto was not able to help the Nationals get the run needed against the Braves. With 2 at bats, he had a game 0.407 OBP. He had a game batting average of 0.297. The Nationals' top hitter contributed 0 RBI and scored 0 runs in the home outing.

Freddie Freeman led the Braves's effort on the road against the Nationals's pitching. He had 0 Ks in the game. In 2 at bats, the hitter had a 0.392 OBP. His team's best hitter had 0 RBI and scored 0 runs in the game.

The Nationals's starting pitcher Max Scherzer could not lead his team for the win. He pitched for 6 Ks. The pitcher allowed 3 earned runs over 5.0 innings pitched. A 2.65 ERA and 0.263 OBP in the appearance against Braves. The Nationals starter allowed 7 hits and 2 walks.

Posted at Sat, September 14, 2019 02:32:21 UTC