Jorge Soler's Hitting is Expected to Not Be Enough to Pull the Visiting Royals Over the Athletics

Tue, Sep 17, 2019 | Emma Botos


Brett Anderson
Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA License

September 17, 2019 -- Based on the Snoozle MLB model, the Royals are likely to fail on the road with a 75.84% chance of being correct against the Athletics.

Likely visiting starter Jorge Lopez will will duel it out with the Athletics probable starter Brett Anderson. The Royals starting pitcher is forecasted by our model to throw for 19.696 outs, allow 3.654 earned runs, and a 0.001 probability of a complete game. The Snoozle MLB model estimates Brett Anderson will have 2.276 earned runs, a predicted 22.079 outs, and 7.401 strike outs.

Jorge Soler, Royals's top hitter, will slug it out on the road against Matt Olson in today's game. According to our game model, Jorge Soler RF is estimated to have 0.712 RBIs and score 0.641 run over an estimated 4.024 at-bats. The Athletics's Matt Olson is estimated to score 0.924 runs, 1.002 RBIs and have a 0.385 OBP.

Based on the -286 odds and an estimated 75.84% chance to win, the Athletics are the best value for the money line. According to prediction model the 63.11% over estimate and -110 line odds for 9.5 runs, the over line is the best value.

Posted at Tue, September 17, 2019 13:05:02 UTC