Ezekiel Elliott Blowsout the Cowboys Over Rams in a 44 to 21 Win

Mon, Dec 16, 2019 | Rob Otto


Randall Cobb
Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA License

2019-12-15 -- Ezekiel Elliott's rushing at home leads the Cowboys over the Rams.

Led by Robert Woods from behind the center, the Rams scored 21 points on the road. Robert Woods threw for 0 yards on 0 attempts for 0 competitions. Against the Cowboys, the quarterback threw 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Tyler Higbee had 12 receptions against the Cowboys with a total of 111 yards and 0 touchdowns. Todd Gurley rushed for 1 touchdown against the Cowboys with 11 rush attempts for 20 yards. The Rams ran for 22 yards on 14 attempts. The Rams went 4 for 12 on converting third downs.

With Tavon Austin leading in receptions, the Cowboys racked up 44 points at home. Quarterback Randall Cobb passed for 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions against the Rams defense on 0 competitions with 0 attempts for 0 passing yards. Tavon Austin caught for 1 touchdown against the Rams with 1 receptions for 59 yards. Ezekiel Elliott ran for 2 touchdowns against the Rams with 24 rush attempts for 117 yards. The Cowboys rushed for a total of 263 yards against the Rams defense on 45 attempts. The Cowboys had 0 turnovers with 0 fumbles lost and 0 interceptions.

Posted at Mon, December 16, 2019 01:30:37 UTC