E Michigan with a Predicted Home Win Over N Illinois

Sat, Dec 12, 2020 | Consuelo Machina


2020-12-12 -- The Snoozle model estimates E Michigan has an estimated 97.0% likelihood of defeating N Illinois.

E Michigan is estimated to score 34.3 points at home. Our model forecasts E Michigan will pass for 2.7 touchdowns and 0.9 interceptions against the N Illinois defense on a projected 30.7 competitions with 54.2 attempts for 411.3 passing yards. E Michigan is forecast to rush for 179.5 yards on 45.2 attempts with an estimated 1.0 rushing touchdowns.

The Snoozle model forecast N Illinois to score 6.4 points on the road. Our model forecasts N Illinois will pass for 0.3 touchdowns and 1.2 interceptions against the E Michigan defense on a forecasted 15.3 competitions with 33.6 attempts for 128.7 yards. N Illinois is predicted to run for 97.8 yards on 29.9 attempts with an estimated 0.2 touchdowns.

According to the odds and a forecasted 91.2% chance to beat the -6.0 point spread, E Michigan is the best value. The over/under line of 55.0 runs with -110 over odds and a predicted 65.8% over likelihood, the under bet is the best value for this game.

Posted at Sat, December 12, 2020 13:01:13 UTC