Duke Get Blownout by FSU, 35-56

Sun, Dec 13, 2020 | Consuelo Machina


2020-12-12 -- Duke loses to FSU 35 to 56 on the road.

Grinding it out with Mataeo Durant at runningback, Duke scored 35 points on the road. Chase Brice threw for 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions against FSU defense with 7 competitions on 17 attempts for 81 yards. DennisSmith had 2 receptions against FSU with a total of 37 yards and 1 touchdown. Mataeo Durant rushed on 13 attempts against FSU with a total of 127 yards and 1 running touchdown. Duke ran for on 51 attempts against FSU with a total of 245 yards. The visiting team gave up a total of 70 yards on 9 penalties.

Led by Jordan Travis from behind the center, FSU scored 56 points at home. FSU quarterback, Jordan Travis, threw 13 competitions on 18 attempts against Duke with 1 interception for a total of 192 yards and 2 passing touchdowns. Ja'KhiDouglas caught for 2 touchdowns against Duke with 3 receptions for 77 yards. LawranceToafili ran on 7 attempts against Duke with a total of 117 yards and 1 rushing touchdown. FSU ran for a total of 324 yards as a team against Duke with 43 rush attempts. FSU had 2 turnovers with 1 fumbles lost and 1 interception.

Posted at Sun, December 13, 2020 01:31:24 UTC