Deshaun Watson Leads Texans Over Colts, 20-17

Sat, Nov 23, 2019 | Rob Otto


2019-11-21 -- The Texans overcome the Colts at home for a 20 to 17 win.

Led by Jacoby Brissett from the pocket, the Colts scored 17 points away from home. Colts quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, threw for 0 touchdowns on 25 pass attempts with 16 competitions for 129 yards, and 0 interceptions. Eric Ebron had 4 receptions against the Texans with a total of 44 yards and 0 touchdowns. Jonathan Williams rushed for 1 touchdown against the Texans defense on 26 attempts for 104 yards. The Colts rushed against the Texans defense on 39 attempts for 175 yards. The Colts had a total of 296 yards against the Colts with 19 first downs and possession time of 33:17.

The Texans racked up 20 points on the home turf against Colts. Quarterback Deshaun Watson passed for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception against the Colts defense on 19 competitions with 30 attempts for 298 passing yards. Will Fuller V had 7 receptions against the Colts with a total of 140 yards and 0 touchdowns. Carlos Hyde ran on 16 attempts against the Colts with a total of 67 yards and 0 rushing touchdowns. The Texans ran on a total 24 attempts against the Colts with a total of 99 yards. The Texans had 1 turnovers with 0 fumbles lost and 1 interception.

Posted at Sat, November 23, 2019 07:35:07 MST