Cincinnati with a Predicted Home Win Over Memphis

Sat, Oct 31, 2020 | Consuelo Machina


2020-10-31 -- The Snoozle Sports football prediction model estimates Cincinnati to take the home win over Memphis with a 76.8% estimate of being correct.

Cincinnati has an average of 30.9 points in our model for the game. The Snoozle football model estimates Cincinnati will throw 31.3 competitions on 36.2 attempts against Memphis with an estimated 1.0 interceptions for a total of 351.2 yards and 2.6 passing touchdowns. Our model forecasts Cincinnati will rush for 1.1 touchdown against the Memphis defense on 36.0 attempts for a projected 155.4 yards.

Based on the montecarlo model, Memphis has an average of 17.8 points for the game. Memphis is predicted from the model to throw for 196.4 yards on 32.6 attempts for 19.0 competitions. In the matchup, the offense is predicted to throw 0.9 touchdowns and 2.1 interception. Our model forecasts Memphis will rush for 0.9 touchdowns against the Cincinnati defense on 39.8 attempts for a projected 180.9 yards.

According to the odds and a forecasted 64.4% chance to beat the -6.5 point spread, Cincinnati is the best value. There is no good value for this game's over/under bet, our model's predictions show no clear favorite based on the over(-110)/under(-110) odds, the 57.0 runs, and our model's predicted combined score estimate.

Posted at Sat, October 31, 2020 13:00:25 UTC