Cardinals Get Blownout by Dodgers, 0-8

Mon, Aug 5, 2019 | Emma Botos


Matt Carpenter
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August 5, 2019 -- The Cardinals get blownout to the Dodgers 0 to 8 on the road.

Top Dodgers hitter Joc Pederson's presence helped for win at home over Cardinals's pitching. Leading the team in slugging for the season, Joc Pederson had a 0.497 slugging percentage. At the plate, the slugger had 0 strikeouts. The Dodgers' top hitter contributed 1 RBI and scored 2 runs in the home outing. He had a 0.324 OBP with 4 at bats. He had a game batting average of 0.232.

Even Marcell Ozuna could not help Cardinals on offense against the Dodgers. Leading the team in slugging for the game, he had a 0.503 slugging percentage in the game. He had a 0.255 batting average in the game. He had 0 Ks in the game. He had a 0.331 OBP with 3 at bats.

Posted at Mon, August 5, 2019 23:01:18 MST