Brewers Led By Pitcher Zach Davies on the Road Predicted to Beat the Marlins

Wed, Sep 11, 2019 | Emma Botos


Zach Davies delivers a pitch for the Milwaukee Brewers during a 2017 game at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.
David B. King: Flickr, Blogspot License

September 11, 2019 -- On the road, the Brewers take the Marlins for a 62.23% likelihood to win based on the Snoozle MLB model.

The Brewers have Zach Davies as the probable starting pitcher against Pablo Lopez. The Brewers's Zach Davies is predicted to throw for 6.964 innings, allowing 1.957 earned runs, with 6.968 Ks. The Snoozle MLB model estimates Pablo Lopez will have 2.238 earned runs, a predicted 21.911 outs, and 7.438 strike outs.

Sluggers Eric Thames from the Brewers and Garrett Cooper from the Marlins will lead the their teams from the batter's box. According to our game model, Eric Thames NA is estimated to have 0.653 RBIs and score 0.554 runs over an estimated 3.992 at-bats. The Marlins's Garrett Cooper is estimated to score 0.479 runs, 0.549 RBIs and have a 0.348 OBP.

The Brewers are the best value for the money line based on the -140 odds and a forecasted 62.23% win estimate. The over/under line of 8.0 runs with -105 over odds and a predicted 73.66% over likelihood, the under bet is the best value for this game.

Posted at Wed, September 11, 2019 13:04:46 UTC