Brewers's Starting Hurler Jordan Lyles with a Forecasted Win Over the Marlins

Mon, Sep 9, 2019 | Emma Botos


Jordan Lyles of the Colorado Rockies, July 31, 2016.
D. Benjamin Miller License

September 9, 2019 -- On the road, the Brewers take the Marlins for a 69.58% likelihood to win based on the Snoozle MLB model.

On the mound for the Brewers will be Jordan Lyles matched up against Robert Dugger. Jordan Lyles is estimated to have 1.335 earned runs, 23.926 outs, and 7.301 strike outs. The Snoozle MLB model estimates Robert Dugger will have 1.831 earned runs, a predicted 21.759 outs, and 7.386 strike outs.

Expected in today's lineup will be top hitters Eric Thames and Garrett Cooper from Brewers and Marlins, respectively. Eric Thames NA is forecast to bring in 0.629 RBIs and 0.516 runs scored, with an 0.341 OBP and 1.442 Ks. Garrett Cooper is forecast to bat for 0.226 with 0.346 RBIs and 0.330 runs scored.

The Brewers are the best value for the money line based on the -200 odds and a forecasted 69.58% win estimate. For this game, the under is the best value; the model predicted a 77.59% over estimate and +106 line odds for 8.5 runs.

Posted at Mon, September 9, 2019 13:03:53 UTC