Blue Jays Predicted to Fall at Home to Underdog Rangers Despite Bo Bichette's Effort

Wed, Aug 14, 2019 | Emma Botos


Sean Reid-Foley pitching for the Lansing Lugnuts on April 22, 2016
Joel Dinda on Flickr (Original) Trut-h-urts_man (Crop) License

August 14, 2019 -- Based on the Snoozle montecarlo model, the Blue Jays are predicted with a 54.63% to lose at home against the Rangers.

This game is setup to be a pitching duel between the Blue Jays's Sean Reid-Foley and the Rangers's Kolby Allard. The Snoozle MLB model estimates Sean Reid-Foley will have 2.798 earned runs, a predicted 21.205 outs, and 7.784 strike outs. The Rangers starting pitcher is forecasted by our model to throw for 21.660 outs, allow 2.417 earned runs, and a 0.012 probability of a complete game.

Expected in today's lineup will be top sluggers Bo Bichette and Willie Calhoun from Blue Jays and Rangers, respectively. Based on the Snoozle model, Bo Bichette is predicted to have 0.587 RBIs and score 0.763 runs over an estimated 4.485 at-bats. Willie Calhoun NA is forecast to bring in 0.869 RBIs and 0.684 runs scored, with an 0.326 OBP and 0.912 Ks.

With +115 money line odds and a estimated 54.63% likelihood to win, the best value is on the Rangers over the Rangers. The over/under line of 10.5 runs with -115 over odds and a predicted 55.06% over likelihood, the under bet is the best value for this game.

Posted at Wed, August 14, 2019 13:06:44 UTC