Astros's Starting Hurler Justin Verlander with a Predicted Home Win Over the Nationals

Wed, Oct 23, 2019 | Emma Botos


Stephen Strasburg
Keith Allison on Flickr License

October 23, 2019 -- The Astros have a 69.95% chance of winning at home against the Nationals according to the Snoozle Sports MLB model.

This game is setup to be a pitching duel between the Astros's Justin Verlander and the Nationals's Stephen Strasburg. Justin Verlander is estimated from the model to throw for 7.309 innings, allowing 1.475 earned runs, with 5.644 Ks. Stephen Strasburg is estimated to have 2.324 earned runs, 21.812 outs, and 5.170 strike outs.

Expected in today's lineup will be top sluggers Yordan Alvarez and Anthony Rendon from Astros and Nationals, respectively. Based on the Snoozle model, Yordan Alvarez is predicted to have 0.619 RBIs and score 0.547 runs over an estimated 3.691 at-bats. Based on the Snoozle MLB model, Anthony Rendon is predicted to bat for 0.223 with 0.402 RBIs and 0.422 runs scored.

With -185 money line odds and a forecasted 69.95% likelihood to win, the best value is on the Astros over the Nationals.

Posted at Wed, October 23, 2019 13:01:20 UTC