Alex Verdugo's Dodgers at Home Beat the Pirates, 3-1

Sun, Apr 28, 2019 | Emma Botos


April 27, 2019 -- The Dodgers beat the Pirates in a 3 to 1 victory at home.

Slugger Josh Bell's performance on the bases, could not overcome Dodgers's defense against starter Joe Musgrove. In the game, he had a batting average of 0.270. Josh Bell had a 0.350 OBP with 4 at bats. Leading the team in slugging for the season, Josh Bell had a 0.584 slugging percentage.

Cody Bellinger RF led the Dodgers in hitting against the Pirates's pitching. The Dodgers hitter had 0 RBI and scored 0 runs in the home outing. Cody Bellinger had a 0.500 OBP with 3 at bats. In the game, he had a batting average of 0.420.

Posted at Sun, April 28, 2019 18:06:59 MST