MLB Top 5 Picks for Aug 11, 2016

Thu, Aug 11, 2016 | Snoozle Auto Generate


Having an edge over the house requires not only knowing which action has the best value, but also the probability of the correctness of the pick. Having an estimate of the probability allows you to better allocate your resources using bet optimization formulas like Kelly criterion and better's edge.

During the MLB season, Snoozle Sports will provide you the top 5 picks for the day based on the projected lineups at the time of the predictions. The predictions are made with Snoozle Sports Monte Carlo MLB Simulator. Historically, this simulator has a slight advantage over the house O/U lines. All the simulation results for the day are also available.

1. Rockies (+128) at Rangers (-138)
Over/Under: 11.0 (+100/-120)
UNDER with 0.7785 probability estimate
2. Diamondbacks (+200) at Mets (-220)
Over/Under: 7.5 (+100/-120)
OVER with 0.7236 probability estimate
3. White Sox (+142) at Royals (-152)
Over/Under: 8.0 (-110/-110)
UNDER with 0.6759 probability estimate
4. Orioles (-142) at Athletics (+132)
Over/Under: 8.5 (+100/-120)
OVER with 0.6522 probability estimate
5. Braves (+125) at Brewers (-135)
Over/Under: 9.0 (-120/+100)
UNDER with 0.6060 probability estimate