Visiting Giants Hurler Dereck Rodriguez Predicted Loser Against Diamondbacks

Thu, Aug 15, 2019 | Emma Botos


Vogt Hitting for the Oakland Athletics in 2015
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August 15, 2019 -- Based on the Snoozle MLB model, the Giants are likely to fail on the road with a 80.98% chance of being correct against the Diamondbacks.

This game is a match up between the Giants's Dereck Rodriguez and the Diamondbacks's Alex Young. Dereck Rodriguez is estimated to have 2.955 earned runs, 20.920 outs, and 5.915 strike outs. The Diamondbacks starting hurler is predicted to throw for 24.251 outs, allow 1.269 earned runs, and a 0.097 probability of a complete game.

The Giants's Stephen Vogt and the Diamondbacks's Carson Kelly will slug it out from the plate. Based on the Snoozle MLB model, Stephen Vogt is predicted to bat for 0.213 with 0.324 RBIs and 0.282 runs scored. Based on the Snoozle model, Carson Kelly is predicted to have 0.701 RBIs and score 0.642 runs over an estimated 3.759 at-bats.

For this matchup Diamondbacks are the best value on the money line bets with on the -135 home ML odds and a forecasted 80.98% chance to win. With a predicted 60.90% likelihood and +100 odds at 8.5 runs, the under line is the best value.

Posted at Thu, August 15, 2019 13:03:49 UTC