Rutgers Quarterback Raheem Blackshear Effort Not Enough Against Boston College, 16-30

Sat, Sep 21, 2019 | Consuelo Machina


2019-09-21 -- Despite valiant effort from Isaih Pacheco on the field, Rutgers could not beat Boston College.

Grinding it out with AJ Dillon at runningback, Boston College scored 30 points on the road. Boston College quarterback, Jake Burt, threw for 0 touchdowns on 0 pass attempts with 0 competitions for 0 yards, and 0 interceptions. Hunter Long caught for 0 touchdowns against Rutgers secondary on 3 attempts for 38 yards. AJ Dillon ran for 150 yards on 32 attempts with 2 touchdowns. Boston College ran for on 61 attempts against Rutgers with a total of 272 yards. The visiting team gave up a total of 45 yards on 7 penalties.

With Raheem Blackshear leading in receptions, Rutgers racked up 16 points at home. Raheem Blackshear threw for 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions on 0 pass attempts with 0 competitions for 0 yards. Raheem Blackshear caught for 130 yards on 9 receptions with 1 touchdown. Isaih Pacheco rushed for 0 touchdowns against Boston College defense on 17 attempts for 47 yards. Rutgers ran for a total of 76 yards as a team against Boston College with 26 rush attempts. Rutgers had 2 turnovers with 1 fumbles lost and 1 interception.

Posted at Sat, September 21, 2019 12:30:23 MST