LSU Forecasted to Lose at Home to Florida

Sat, Dec 12, 2020 | Consuelo Machina


2020-12-12 -- According to the Snoozle model, the visiting LSU have a 61.2% chance to lose to the home town Florida.

On the road, LSU is forecast to score 22.6 points against Florida. The Snoozle football model predicts LSU will throw 27.2 competitions on 34.2 attempts against Florida with a forecasted 1.9 interceptions for a total of 302.2 yards and 1.7 touchdowns. LSU is predicted to run for 138.7 yards on 34.5 attempts with an estimated 0.8 touchdowns.

Florida has an average of 27.1 points in our model for the game. The Snoozle football model estimates Florida will throw 29.6 competitions on 38.0 attempts against LSU with an estimated 2.0 interceptions for a total of 360.2 yards and 2.2 passing touchdowns. The model estimates Florida will run on 37.9 attempts against LSU with an estimated total of 154.6 yards and 1.0 rushing touchdowns.

For this game, LSU is the best value against the spread bets with on a predicted 38.8% probability to beat the +23.5 point spread. With a predicted 76.0% likelihood and -110 odds at 68.0 runs, the under line is the best value.

Posted at Sat, December 12, 2020 13:01:13 UTC