Giants's Starting Hurler Madison Bumgarner with a Predicted Home Win Over the Pirates

Mon, Sep 9, 2019 | Emma Botos


Trevor Williams of the Pittsburgh Pirates, April 15, 2017.
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September 9, 2019 -- Based on the Snoozle Sports MLB prediction model, the Giants have a 55.81% winning against the Pirates in a projected matchup between pitchers Madison Bumgarner and Trevor Williams.

Likely starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner for the Giants will be matched up with the Pirates probable starter Trevor Williams. The Giants starting hurler is predicted to throw for 22.051 outs, allow 2.298 earned runs, and a 0.015 probability of a complete game. The Pirates's Trevor Williams is predicted to throw for 6.538 innings, allowing 2.679 earned runs, with 6.669 Ks.

Austin Slater, Giants's top hitter, will slug it out against Josh Bell in today's game. According to our game model, Austin Slater NA is estimated to bring in 0.611 RBIs and 0.604 runs scored, with an 0.380 OBP and 1.430 Ks. Based on the Snoozle MLB model, Josh Bell is predicted to bat for 0.241 with 0.666 RBIs and 0.568 runs scored.

With +140 money line odds and a estimated 44.19% likelihood to win, the best value is on the Pirates over the Giants. For this game, the under is the best value; the model predicted a 51.27% over estimate and +102 line odds for 7.5 runs.

Posted at Mon, September 9, 2019 13:03:53 UTC