Athletics's Starting Hurler Homer Bailey with a Forecasted Win Over the Giants

Wed, Aug 14, 2019 | Emma Botos


Homer Bailey
Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA License

August 14, 2019 -- The visiting Athletics has an estimated 70.76% chance to overcome the Giants based on our model.

Likely starting pitcher for the Athletics, Homer Bailey, will be paired with the hosting Giants's pitcher Tyler Beede. The Athletics starting pitcher is forecasted by our model to throw for 21.511 outs, allow 2.185 earned runs, and a 0.010 probability of a complete game. The Giants starting hurler is predicted to throw for 19.810 outs, allow 3.356 earned runs, and a 0.001 probability of a complete game.

Sluggers Matt Olson from the Athletics and Aramis Garcia from the Giants will lead the their teams from the batter's box. According to our game model, Matt Olson is estimated to have 0.968 RBIs and score 0.877 runs over an estimated 4.465 at-bats. Aramis Garcia is forecast to bat for 0.285 with 0.862 RBIs and 0.525 runs scored.

The Athletics are the best value for the money line based on the -115 odds and a forecasted 70.76% win estimate. According to prediction model the 55.65% over estimate and +100 line odds for 9.0 runs, the over line is the best value.

Posted at Wed, August 14, 2019 13:06:44 UTC